Electrical Inspection

Electrical systems in homes are very complex and potentially dangerous. The Electrical system causes more deaths every year than any other single system. Is it the electricity causing the deaths or neglect and unsafe practices? Your Highland Home Inspector will always check the electrical supply where it enters your home. We will describe to the best of our ability the capacity and any variance that may be present. Once the main electric panel is inspected and deemed safe the inspector will move indoors and inspect all of the other major components that comprise your homes electrical system. All safety issues will be acknowledged. An inspector will review whether the panel appears to be in a safe, operable condition and whether it has sufficient energy for the appliances and energy consumption typical of a modern home.

Good WIRING--element31    Bad Wiring

Good Wiring                                     Bad Wiring – which does your home have?

Your Highland Home Inspector will inspect the all of the lighting on the inside as well as outside of the home. A representative number of receptacles will be tested and any concerns will be reported. Grounding and reverse polarity are a concern, however they are common and in most cases they are easy fixes. Appliances are included in this. Some of these items use massive amounts of energy and determining whether or not they are grounded is a valuable asset to the home owner.

If the home has electrical heat or electrically-driven air conditioning, the inspector will examine that part of the electrical system. In addition, he or she will look at electrical wiring to make sure the wires aren’t showing signs of cracking or aging that could spark fires or not properly conduct power.